Astra Theme Review: A Web Designer’s Guide

by Fabio Peters

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As an experienced web designer navigating the constant changing world of WordPress themes, I’ve recently had the pleasure of exploring into the intricacies of the Astra theme.

With an overabundance of options available in the market, finding a theme that seamlessly blends flexibility, performance, and aesthetics is like to uncovering a gem in the vast realm of web design.

In this review, I aim to shed light on my experiences with the Astra WordPress theme, examining its features, customization capabilities, performance, and overall impact on the web design process.

What Is Astra?

In the vast variety of WordPress themes available, Astra emerges as a beacon of versatility and performance.

Astra is not just a theme; it’s a comprehensive toolkit for web designers, offering a dynamic platform to bring creative visions to life.

Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Astra provides an ideal foundation for websites spanning various industries.

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Core Features

Astra is optimized for performance.

One of Astra’s standout features is its unwavering commitment to performance.

The theme boasts a lightweight design and minimalistic code, ensuring swift loading times and an optimal user experience.

As a web designer, the significance of a fast-loading site cannot be overstated, and Astra’s dedication to speed positions it as a reliable choice in the competitive world of web design.

Astra offers a wide array of design options.

Astra’s appeal lies in its ability to cater to diverse design preferences.

The theme comes equipped with a rich library of pre-built websites, known as Astra Starter Sites.

These serve as a launch pad for various niches, providing web designers with a head start in their projects.

From corporate layouts to creative portfolios, Astra’s design options are as diverse as the web itself.

Astra offers customization options.

Customization is the heartbeat of web design, and Astra pulsates with an array of options.

The intuitive customizer allows designers to tweak every facet of a website, from layout and color schemes to typography and spacing.

The level of control provided by Astra’s customization options empowers designers to create custom-built sites tailored to the unique needs of their clients.

A screenshot of the Astra theme homepage.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Astra


  1. Flexibility:

Astra’s flexibility shines through its customizable design options, making it suitable for a myriad of projects.

  1. Performance:

The theme’s lightweight nature ensures swift loading times, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

  1. Starter Sites:

Astra’s extensive library of pre-built websites expedites the design process, providing inspiration and a solid foundation.

  1. WooCommerce Integration:

For e-commerce projects, Astra seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, offering a visually appealing and functional online store.

  1. Responsive Design:

Astra ensures that websites not only look good on desktops but also adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes, enhancing overall responsiveness.


  1. Learning Curve:

While Astra is user-friendly, some beginners may find the abundance of options initially overwhelming.

  1. Free Version Limitations:

While the free version is robust, the full potential of Astra is unlocked with the Pro version, which comes at a cost.

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How To Build A Page In Astra

Building a page in Astra is a straightforward process, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose a Starter Site:

Begin by selecting a pre-built Astra Starter Site that aligns with the project’s goals.

  1. Customize Layout and Design:

Use Astra’s intuitive customizer to tailor the layout, color scheme, typography, and other design elements.

  1. Add Content:

Populate the site with content, leveraging the customization options available for individual pages and posts.

  1. Optimize for Responsiveness:

Ensure that the design is responsive by testing it on various devices, adjusting settings as needed.

  1. Integrate Plugins:

Explore Astra’s compatibility with plugins to enhance functionality, whether for SEO, social media integration, or other features.

  1. Preview and Fine-Tune:

Utilize the live preview feature to see changes in real-time, fine-tuning the design until it aligns with the desired vision.

  1. Publish:

Once satisfied with the design, hit publish to make the site live and accessible to the audience.

Important Astra Integrations

Astra theme integrates with Elementor and WooCommerce.


Astra seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, providing an elegant and functional design foundation for online stores.

The compatibility ensures a smooth and visually appealing shopping experience for customers.


For those who prefer a drag-and-drop page builder, Astra integrates seamlessly with Elementor.

This powerful combination allows for a dynamic and efficient design process, catering to both beginners and experienced designers.


Astra’s integration with HubSpot adds a layer of marketing and customer relationship management capabilities.

This collaboration ensures a holistic approach to website development, considering both design and strategic business objectives.


Astra’s compatibility with SEOPress enhances the theme’s SEO capabilities. Web designers can leverage this integration to implement best practices and optimize websites for search engine visibility.

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Astra Plugins: What’s Included

Astra’s versatility extends beyond its core theme, offering a range of plugins to enhance functionality.

Some noteworthy Astra plugins include:

Astra Pro: Unlocks advanced customization options and premium features.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: Expands the capabilities of the Gutenberg block editor.

Astra Portfolio: Ideal for showcasing creative works and portfolios.

Astra: Pro Vs Free

A screenshot of Astra Pro pricing.

Astra offers both a free version and a Pro version, each catering to different needs.

Free Version:

Solid Foundation: The free version provides a robust foundation with essential features.

Starter Sites: Access to a selection of Astra Starter Sites for inspiration.

Customization: Basic customization options to personalize the design.

Pro Version:

Advanced Customization: Unlock advanced customization options for a more tailored design.

Premium Starter Sites: Gain access to an extensive library of premium Starter Sites.

WooCommerce Features: Fully utilize Astra’s capabilities for e-commerce with additional features.

Dedicated Support: Enjoy priority support for timely assistance.

Pricing: Astra’s Value Proposition

Astra offers a free version that comes packed with essential features, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious designers.

However, to unlock the full potential of the theme, the Pro version is worth considering.

The Pro version introduces advanced customization options, premium starter sites, and additional features that elevate the design process.

From a web designer’s perspective, the investment in Astra Pro is justified by the time saved and the enhanced capabilities it brings to the table.

The pricing structure is transparent and scalable, catering to the needs of individual designers and agencies alike.

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Why Choose Astra

A screenshot of the Astra theme customizer.

Aesthetic Appeal

Astra’s aesthetic appeal is immediately apparent, presenting a clean and modern canvas that serves as the perfect foundation for diverse design projects.

The theme’s default design is unobtrusive yet elegant, offering a visually pleasing starting point that can be effortlessly molded to suit various industries and styles.

One of the standout features for any web designer is the extensive library of pre-built websites that Astra provides.

These are more than mere templates; they are intricate designs meticulously crafted to cater to specific niches.

Whether working on a corporate site, an e-commerce platform, or a creative portfolio, the Astra Starter Sites serve as a solid springboard, dramatically reducing development time without compromising on quality.

Customization Flexibility

Web designers crave customization options, and Astra doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

The theme provides an intuitive and powerful customizer that empowers designers to tweak every aspect of the site effortlessly.

From the layout and color scheme to typography and spacing, Astra’s customizer offers an impressive degree of control, making it a dream tool for perfectionists.

A notable feature is the ability to customize individual pages and posts. This granular control ensures that each section of a website can be tailored to meet specific design requirements.

It’s like to having a palette of design options for every nook and cranny of a site, allowing for a truly personalized user experience.


Web design isn’t just about aesthetics; performance is a critical factor that can make or break a user’s experience.

Astra takes this aspect seriously, boasting exceptional loading speeds and optimal performance.

One of the reasons behind Astra’s stellar performance is its commitment to simplicity. The theme is lightweight, with minimal bloat, ensuring that the codebase doesn’t hinder page load times.

As a web designer who values speed as much as style, I appreciate how Astra strikes a balance between a feature-rich design environment and efficient performance.

The compatibility with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder is another feather in Astra’s cap.

This synergy ensures a seamless design process, allowing designers to harness the full potential of these tools without compromising site speed.


In today’s digital landscape, responsiveness is non-negotiable.

Astra understands the importance of a mobile-friendly design and ensures that websites built with the theme are not only visually appealing on desktops but also seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes.

During my testing, I was impressed by how effortlessly Astra handled responsive design.

The theme’s fluid grid system and responsive design settings made it easy to create websites that looked stunning across a spectrum of devices.

This is a crucial aspect for any web designer aiming to deliver a consistent and engaging user experience, regardless of the device in use.

SEO Friendly

A screenshot of a SEO audit for a website.

In the competitive world of web design, SEO is the unsung hero that can propel a website to the forefront of search engine rankings.

Astra, with its clean code and SEO-friendly structure, positions itself as an ally to web designers looking to create websites that not only look good but also perform well in search engine results.

The theme’s compatibility with popular SEO plugins like Yoast adds an extra layer of optimization potential.

This makes it easier for web designers to implement best practices without delving into complex coding, ensuring that their creations are well-positioned to attract organic traffic.


Even the most seasoned web designers occasionally encounter roadblocks or have questions about a theme’s functionalities.

Astra’s documentation is a comprehensive resource that caters to both beginners and experienced designers.

The well-organized documentation covers everything from basic setup to advanced customization, serving as a reliable companion throughout the design journey.

In addition to the documentation, Astra offers responsive and knowledgeable support.

During my interactions with their support team, I found them to be prompt, understanding, and adept at resolving queries.

This level of support is invaluable, especially when working on time-sensitive projects where a quick resolution can make all the difference.

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To sum up, Astra stands out as a formidable ally for web designers seeking a theme that seamlessly combines aesthetics, performance, and customization flexibility.

Its user-friendly interface, extensive starter sites library, and commitment to performance make it a top choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

As a web designer with a penchant for pushing creative boundaries, I appreciate how Astra empowers me to bring my visions to life without compromising on speed or functionality.

Its compatibility with popular tools, responsiveness, and SEO-friendly architecture further solidify its position as a must-have theme in the web designer’s toolkit.

Astra isn’t just a theme; it’s a muse that inspires creativity and simplifies the design process.

With its robust features, thoughtful design, and continuous improvements, Astra has earned its place as a frontrunner in the competitive landscape of WordPress themes.

Whether you’re crafting a sleek portfolio, a dynamic corporate site, or a bustling online store, Astra proves to be a reliable companion, ensuring that your designs not only meet but exceed expectations.

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